Troop Activities

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First Campout of the New Scouting Year!

We kicked off our new year with an Orienteering and Pioneering campout, we had a few new scouts join us! We built a monkey bridge, hopefully, the first of many in the next years. Additionally, we retired a US flag as one of only three groups who have the authority to do so. Overall it was a great weekend to welcome some new scouts!

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Rodney 2022!

This year we returned to our favorite Scout camp on the bay, Rodney!!

Our Scouts had fun completing Rodney's First-year program called Brownsea which gives First year Scouters a boost in requirement completion and in merit badges. Our older boys completed merit badges from Orientering to Jet skiing. Some of our adults even joined in on the fun!

Every year the scouts stay in three-sided cabins called Anarondaics or Tents provided by Rodney while the Adutls stay in a Cabin.

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Fishing Campout

In June, the troop completed a local campout to Lake Fairfax where we enjoyed a nice day of fishing and field games.

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Railroad Museum outing

In May, some of our scouts took a day trip to the Railroad museum led by Mr. Quinn and had a great day learning about and looking at Locomotives.

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Bike Hike

This April, We took to the paths of Harpers Ferry biking from our campsite to Harpers Ferry and Back. But not before we enjoyed the history and beauty of the town. We even stopped for a bite of Ice Cream.

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Cooking campout

Our scouts competed together in cooking related chalanges at the Parkers Farm in Berryvile. Ms Dougerty lead the competiton and our scouts learned many new cooking skills as well as made sure the horses were well feed with thier leftover carrots

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Court of Honor

On February 28th we held hour semiannual Court of Honor were our scouts earned ranks and new positions. We had several Scouts earn their Scout rank!

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Stem Campout

On Friday, February 18th we headed to Izaak Walton League for a great weekend of camping. While the cold weather made gave us some challenges our scouts were able to overcome it and had a great weekend! Scouts learned how to solder and made their own small circuits additionally they completed the electronics merit badge.

Mulch Flyer Distribuiton

On February 5th Troop 1530 took to the streets to hand-deliver our flyers for our much Sale! With our base camp set in the FoxMill shopping center, we canvased the streets. One of our scouts delivered over 700 flyers!

Baltimore Aquarium

On January 22nd we visited the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Scouts enjoyed learning about marine animals and viewing them swim together in harmony.

Troop Recruiting

On January 15th we held our first recruitment event of the year! Cub Scouts came out and learned about animals in our area, Knots, and many other scout skills!

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Troop Holiday Party

On December 13th we gathered in Penders (brand new!!) fellowship hall and traded gifts with scouts and friends who came to join in on the fun! Our church liaison Ken Ferris came by and joined in on the phone. We enjoyed pizza and drinks with chips and many other yummy snacks. And our new space allowed us to spread out and eat safely.

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Day Hike at Manassas Battle field

On December 12 the troop went on a day hike at our local Mansass battlefield. It was led by one of our glorious ASM's Mr. Lehew, who teaches history at the high school level in Louden county as well as for NOVA. It was a great time filled with lots of knowledge and group bonding. Scouts also learned what to pack for a day hike versus an Overnight trek.

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Campout at Camp Highroads

On Friday November 19th the Troop departed for Camp Highroads where our Scouts had a blast participating in Team building activities. Such as Peanut butter pit, Teeter Totter, Rope climbing and Ziplining. Overall, the Troop had a blast participating in team bonding activities with their mates.

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Scouting for Food

This past weekend (11/15) Troops and Packs across the nation collected donations for Scouting for Food. Which collects and donates food to various food banks and shelters in the area. Troop 1530 collected over 120 bags of food. A big thank you goes to the neighborhoods in the Oakton and Herndon areas. Thank you!

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Spirit night at Sport rock

On November 12th our Troop held one of our monthly Spirit nights at Sportrock. Which is an indoor rock climbing facility in Sterling. We had a blast!!

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Repelling outing

On the weekend of October 29th Troop, 1503 honored its 50-year heritage by going on a Repelling outing in Lions Den. We enjoyed orienteering and repelling. The scouts enjoyed repelling down our bluff and some of the adults even got in on the action!

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Troop Open House

On October 9th the Troop held a Open house in Pender UMC's lower parking lot. We had a good turn out with demonstrations led by the boys on: Fire building, Camping, Backpacking, Knot Tying, Ax yard, and Cooking where we handed out homemade Doughnuts. Our Adults got in on it too! Mr. Jobson gave a demonstration on stringing a bow and Ms. Dougherty showed the visitors how to cook in a Dutch oven. We even brought out our Gaga ball bit which was a great way to close the open house for the Scouts visiting.

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September Water Sports Campout

On September 18th, Troop 1530 went to Pohick bay for our Water Sports campout. We rented paddleboards, Kayaks, and Canoes. We had a blast! Later on, we had a delicious pasta meal for dinner. Overall it was a great weekend and start to the year!

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Camp Rodney 2021

Troop 1530 went to Camp Rodney scout reservation at the end of July. Our troop was there for a whole week and while there, we did a wide variety of merit badges. The Merit badges ranged from Archery to Lifesaving and from Communications to Jetski. Later in the week our troop and another troop had a Rock Paper Scissors competition(pictured). Everyone there followed the camp's COVID guidelines. All of the staff were friendly and relatable (Rodney counselor chant-”cause there ain’t no staff like a Rodney staff”). In the end, our scouts went home with valuable knowledge and many completed merit badges.

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June 2021 Rafting

On the weekend of the 11-13 in June, right after school ended Troop 1530 went to Ohiopyle PA to go white water rafting on the Youghiogheny river. We embarked on our trip at Ohiopyle and then made our way north, going through many rapids big and small, and then eventually disembarking at a pickup point. Big thanks to the staff of Wilderness Voyageurs Rafting and Bike Tours who helped us on the river.

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May Bike Hike

On the weekend of the 21-23 in May, Troop 1530 went on a bike ride along the C & O trail to Harpers Ferry WV. We started our journey in Brunswick by the old Railyard and then made our way west to Harpers Ferry. Once there we spent a few hours in Harpers Ferry looking at the historical sights, going through the shops, and watching the trains go by.

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April Fishing Outing

In April, Troop 1530 went on a fishing out. We set up camp at the Lake Fairfax campgrounds and drove to lake Brittle to fish. Everyone had an amazing time and we even caught a few fish.

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May Caving Campout

In March, Troop 1530 went caving in West Virginia. We stayed in cabins while also socially distanced. The cave we went into was called New Trout and we had a very fun time!

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Winter Court of Honor

Our March Court of Honor was held on the 8th. We had a few scouts reach the rank of Life along with a presentation about Friends of Scouting. The scouts enjoyed being able to honor their fellow scouts while staying socially distanced at the same time.

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Mulch Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone that supported our troop through our annual mulch fundraiser. This allows us to continue providing a great scouting experience for our scouts through camping, leadership opportunities, and service projects.

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Dec Urban Hike

Our Troop did a scavenger hunt along the History of Scouting Trail through Washington DC. The Hike we did was called the Baden Powell Hike and information on it can be found here Although it was cold we managed to complete the scavenger hunt. After the hike, we worked on the cooking merit badge by cooking with hiking stoves and making meals with ingredients that didn’t need refrigeration. As part of the merit badge, we carried our meals throughout the hike.

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November Shooting campout

On the 11th of November, troop 1530 went to the Isaac Walton shooting range. Some scouts worked on the shooting merit badge while others shot for fun. We also shot an antique firearm later in the day. It was an overall enjoyable campout that let the scouts improve their shooting skills.

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Ghost Town Webelo's Walk

On Saturday Oct 31st, the scouts of Troop 1530 and Webelo's of Pack 159 went on a walk along Potomac river. The walk took us along the path of a canal that ran next to the river and through the ruins of an old town that was built to accommodate the canal travelers. The scouts enjoyed every second of it, from the nice breeze to the amazing water falls near the visitor center. The hike overall was a great learning experience and a very exciting adventure.

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September Wilderness Survival

Troop 1530 kicked off the 20/21 camping season with a wilderness survival campout at a local farm in Berryville. The scouts learned several different skills including starting a fire without a lighter or matches, to building a shelter to spend the night in with things you find in the wild. The scouts were able to work on the wilderness survival merit badge and to enjoy the outdoors.