ASM Outing Coordinator

Monthly Outing Coordinator

Assistant Scoutmaster

Job Description:

Each monthly Outing and Spirit Night has an Assistant Scoutmaster assigned to mentor the Youth Leaders who plan the outings.


1. Take ideas from the Patrol Leaders Council and offer options to the PLC

2. Mentor the PLC in the activities planning for monthly outings

3. Mentor the PLC in planning relevant Troop Meetings running up to the monthly outings

4. Plan and conduct the monthly Spirit Nights

How To:

Twice a year the Patrol Leader Council (PLC) plans the monthly outings and spirit nights for the next six months. Each event is assigned an Assistant Scoutmaster to help coordinate it. The Assistant Scoutmaster works with the PLC and investigates options for holding the events they choose. The Assistant Scoutmasters work through the PLC to conduct the events.

For example, if the troop elects to hold a rafting outing in June, the Assistant Scoutmaster could research multiple locations and outfitters. The Assistant Scoutmaster would supply the options to the PLC for selection. The ASM would then supply the chosen outfitter information to the Outing Coordinator of the Troop Committee for finalization of the event.

After the event is planned, the Assistant Scoutmaster should create an event on the Troop Website and promote it to the scouts.

Refer to the Troop Calendar for past event information.

The Assistant Scoutmaster also works with the PLC to help develop Troop Meeting Plans that are relevant to the planned outing. For the previous rafting outing, the Assistant Scoutmaster might advise the PLC to hold a skill activity on Safety Afloat or whitewater rescue.

Since Spirit Nights are simply fun activities, the Assistant Scoutmasters typically plan them completely after being selected by the PLC. Spirit Nights usually consist of Putt Putt, Gym nights, or Bowling. Although the PLC is free to come up with any ideas they choose.