Election Support

Fairfax County Elections Support

Service Project Coordinator

Job Descriptions:

The County Elections Support Coordinator is a member of the Troop Committee who organizes the support to the Fairfax County Board of Elections.


1. Liaison with the Fairfax County Board of Elections

2. Recruit Scout volunteers to work at the County Elections

How To:

The evening of each election held by the Fairfax County, the Board of Elections requires help at the County Center. For over ten years, the Troop has been volunteering to help the Board of Elections process the election results and associated paperwork. Scouts direct traffic outside the County Center, help Election Chiefs move their ballots and other paperwork into the County Center, and run errands for the Board of Elections personnel.

One month before each election, the Coordinator should contact the Election Board via e-mail or phone: 703-324-4735 and ask if they need help at the upcoming election. If so, create an event on the Troop website and solicit volunteers. Typically, ten scouts are needed to volunteer from 8:00pm - 12:00am.

The Troop is paid for this work. Scouts over 14 can choose to volunteer for this or can do it for money. If they plan on getting paid, they need to identify themselves to the Board of Elections. Otherwise, the Coordinator must identify the number of man-hours provided to the Board and the Troop will be issued a check.

After the event, provide the names and number of hours of volunteers to the Advancement Chair for uploading into Scoutbook.