Patrol Counselor

Patrol Counselor

Assistant Scoutmaster

Job Description:

Each patrol leader is assigned a Patrol Counselor from the Assistant Scoutmaster ranks. The Assistant Scoutmaster trains and mentors the Patrol Leader.


1. Train and Mentor the Patrol Leader

2. Teach scoutcraft skills to patrol members upon request

3. Approve the completion of Tenderfoot - First Class Rank Requirements upon request

How To:

The Patrol Leader is the toughest job in scouting. The troop operates as a collection of patrols. The patrol is the atomic unit of scouting. Whereas it is the Scoutmaster’s primary duty to train the Senior Patrol Leader and the Patrol Leader’s Council, it is the job of the Assistant Scoutmasters to train and mentor their assigned Patrol Leaders. Assistant Scoutmasters observe the Patrol meetings, review their outing plans (including menus) and eat meals with the Patrols on outings. The Assistant Scoutmaster leads by asking questions of the Patrol Leaders (e.g. “How long do you think you need to cook those potatoes?” or “What are you going to wear after you get your only pair of shoes wet?”)

The Assistant Scoutmasters teach scout skills to the patrol members when requested. Ideally, older scouts will conduct most of this training in the regular course of outing activities. However, when a scout’s wishes to learn about a particular skill required for advancement, the Assistant Scoutmaster takes the opportunity to train them. The Assistant Scoutmaster also tests and approves rank requirements as requested by patrol members.

Assistant Scoutmasters should complete all required Training for their positions, especially the Introduction to Outdoor Leadership (IOLS), which teaches all the requirements for the rank of First Class.