Merit Badge Coordinator

Job Description:

The Merit Badge Coordinator is a member of the Troop Committee responsible for recruiting, training, and tracking the Merit Badge Counselors within the troop.


1. Recruit Merit Badge Counselors

2. Maintain the District list of counselors

3. Encourage all counselors to take training

How To:

Recruit: At rechartering and when new scouts join the troop, the Merit Badge Coordinator should explain the merit badge program to parents and encourage them to volunteer as counselors.

1. Counselor Overview

2. Program Overview

3. Counselor Training

Counselors must complete an Adult Leader Application (even if they’re already registered) and a Merit Badge Counselor Application. Both forms get turned into the District Merit Badge Dean.

District List of Counselors: Each June, the District re-registers all the Merit Badge Counselors. The District Merit Badge Dean, will send out a list of current counselors associated with the troop. This should be compared to current Scouter registrations and drop/adds sent back to the District. The Merit Badge Coordinator should take this time to contact each counselor and ensure that they plan on remaining active.

Training: There is training available for Merit Badge Counselors online at The Merit Badge Coordinator should require each counselor to take Youth Protection Training (online at and send out notification if and when District training is offered.